Home Tinseltown Movie Theater

May 16th, 2010

Everyone would say that the cinema or movie theater is a fantastic environment to watch films and relax, so magical is a Tinseltown movie theater.

Without doubt, the reason for this is because you watch the movie on a extra-wide screen with quadraphonic sound that can easily make you get lost in the plot of the movie

The high quality of the Tinseltown movie and the real-life hi-fi system are surely the most entertaining part of the movie theater-going experience. It certainly is not being present in the cinema complex itself! They are often full of shops trying to get your money before you sit down and full of paper-rustling teenagers after you have sat down!

However, what if you brought this technology home with you? And what if it worked out less expensive also? Without doubt, this would surely be something you would enjoy more. Just picture it for a minute: a real Tinseltown Movie Theater at home – in your very own house!

Before not so long ago, only a small number of American homes had installed a Tinseltown movie theater to be used in their own homes. Lately, however, a good proportion of American people are beginning to be less interested in travelling to watch Tinseltown movies in a movie theater.

Surely, this is due to the evolution of the home movie theater system.

A starter home movie theater is relatively easy to set up. All you need is a TV with a screen that measures bigger than 27 inches, a DVD player and three everyday speakers. And voila the basic components of a Tinseltown movie theater. This may be suppicient to give you the level of home movie entertainment that suits you.

But, I am sure that you would rather have the real feeling of sitting in a full-scale Tinseltown movie theater, but without the annoyances or possibly it’s you, who would like to sing along, shout out loud or otherwise get involved in the film, but does not like to annoy the other viewers. Its possible, you know, :-)

Any how, the reason that I am saying this is because there are other pieces of kit you might add in order to enhance the home Tinseltown movie theater experience. A few additions, over time, say, that would ensure a more authentic Tinseltown movie theater experience right in your very own living room.

For example, you could add to the afore mentioned three basic components by installing specialized home movie entertainment chairs an iced drinks cabinet; small tables for refreshments; subdued lighting on remote; air conditioning or fans; an usher with a torch – OK, maybe that is going a bit too far But, everything is determined by the budget you set for your home Tinseltown movie theater. The dimensions of the room are another factor determining how complete your home Tinseltown movie theater can be.

A handy piece of advice from home theater enthusiasts is that you need to find the proper size television set for your Tinseltown home movie theater. The correct size does not necessarily mean the biggest you can find in the store. The correct size television depends on the place in your dwelling where you will install the home movie theater. Big is not always the best choice for your home movie entertainment system. It is, nevertheless, recommended that the television screen should not be smaller than 27 inches, because the picture on a smaller screen could be too inferior for a Tinseltown home movie theater. A good rule of thumb is that the seats should be somewhere around 5-8 times the size of the TV screen away for normal eyesight.

Another piece of advice is that you install loudspeakers that will give you hi-fi surround sound from a high quality brand of loudspeakers. In addition, you need to be sure that if the loudspeakers you buy do not produce enough surround sound, then you are able to swap them. There are speakers that sound great in the store but when you put them in a room, they are not up to scratch. If the store allows replacements, then that is all is well.

Then, you may need to choose a DVD player. Again, quality is important. It is contended by many home theater experts that all DVD players deliver clear and crisp images. Although some DVD players promise a flicker-free picture, almost all DVD players provide this feature, so I should not be too much swayed by this assertion.

So, size is important, in this case. Knowing how large the room is where you will set up your home Tinseltown movie theater, will be the deciding factor of how big the TV should be. The size of the room is also the basis for deciding on the number of speakers. If the room is somewhat large, you may need more than the basic three speakers. The addition of a subwoofer can help too, to achieve a good surround sound if your home Tinseltown movie theater is situated in a bigger room again.

All of these factors will allow you such a home Tinseltown movie theater experience as, not long ago, only a few could experience. A professional home movie theater designer may be a big help in ensuring you have the best home Tinseltown movie theater installation to give you the best possible home movie theater experience right there in your very own living room.

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What is the Atkins Grapefruit Diet?

April 15th, 2010

The Atkins Grapefruit diet is a diet plan, not supported by the eponymous Dr. Atkins firm, that tries to play on the popularity of two diets: the grapefruit diet and the Atkins diet. However, a close look at this diet shows that it may not be all it claims for itself.

First of all, it’s very difficult to any find information on the Atkins grapefruit diet plan at all. Clever people realize that when someone is perpetrating a deception, or a con, they will often gloss over the facts. This is what the Atkins grapefruit diet seems to be doing in an attempt to get people to associate it with two seemingly effective diets.

Is the Atkins Grapefruit Diet part of the Atkins Diet or endorsed by the late Dr. Atkins’ firm? The answer is a loud no! But, not only is there no mention of the Atkins Grapefruit Diet on the Atkins web site, there is just no fruit of any kind mentioned in the list of allowed foods in the Atkins diet Induction phase either.

The induction phase allows the following foods: fish of all kinds; all fowl such as turkey and chicken; any shellfish; any meat such as beef or pork; eggs cooked in any style including fried; cheese; vegetables; herbs and spices; fats and oils; low carbohydrate beverages including diet soft drinks.

Please, notice one thing – that fruit is not on that list at all! Later phases of the Atkins diet do include small amounts of fruits such as cantaloupe and even lemon juice, and the pre-maintenance and maintenance phases even allow small quantities of grapefruit, but when looked at in comparison with the amount of Grapefruit advised on the Atkins Grapefruit Diet there is a massive discrepancy.

The Atkins Grapefruit Diet suggests a cup of grapefruit juice or a cup of grapefruit sections, with 8 and 18 carbs respectively. Even the most liberal phases of the Atkins diet recommends restricting intake to less 8 carbs per day, with regard to grapefruit. That is a direct contradiction from one plan to the other.

Most reasonable people would have a look at the Atkins website itself the moment they heard of the Atkins Grapefruit Diet and when they found no mention of that diet on their site, a red light would flash and an alarmbell would sound.

In general, please remember this: any diet that relies too heavily on one kind of food, such as grapefruit in a grapefruit diet, is not healthy for any but extremely short periods. The Atkins Grapefruit Diet is not associated with the Atkins diet, and may interfere with the results of the Atkins diet, especially in its early phases.

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Utah Web Design – Assisting You To Build An Internet Presence.

April 11th, 2010

If you are a Utah business owner and you still haven’t had a website developed for your business, you are losing out on serious business. In this modern era of the Internet, any business that doesn’t have its own website will find it hard to compete. There’s a large number of Utah web design companies out there, in all budget ranges.

Perhaps you are simply overwhelmed by the Internet and you don’t want to talk to a web designer, because you don’t quite know what to ask him. Let’s briefly look at the web design process and the information the web designer would want from you.

In the first place you have to provide all relevant company information. Your web designer will most likely know nothing about your business and its products, so you are the one who will have to supply this information.

Your web site’s home page will usually have a detailed description of your business. Tell people how it started, how it grew and how you see the future. Keep things relevant and interesting. Don’t quote lots of boring statistics and technical information.

The site will also contain a section where your products and services are described. The old saying that a picture tells us thousand words is also relevant here. Just make sure that you have the pictures ready for the web designer in a format he can use on the web, for example a JPEG file. Don’t get too technical here. Rather have a separate section with technical information for those who are interested.

A very important part of the website is the one where you provide all your contact information. There should be a contact form for sure. But many people prefer to phone, so give all relevant cell numbers, fax numbers and phone numbers. If you can get your website visitors to sign up for a mailing list, you’ve hit the jackpot. This way you can always stay in contact with them. Never spam your mailing list members though. Simply provide them with interesting bits of information on a regular basis.

As far as the layout and graphics of the site are concerned, you will have to lean heavily on your web designer. You can of course give your input. You might for example prefer to make use of your company colors on the website and you have to provide the designer with a copy of your company logo if you want to display that on the site. Any other pictures that you want to display on the website must also be ready in a format that is usable on the web.

Your Utah web design expert will assist you all the way until your brand new site is ready to be launched. Make sure that you are not too busy with other things during the design process. If you are not available to provide information, pictures or other input it will delay the whole process.

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Decorating Ideas for the Interior

April 10th, 2010

The bleak winter is getting to you and you’re mooching around trying to decide what to do with yourself. You’re snowbound and the only thing that you can think of doing is sitting in front of your fire, drinking hot chocolate and staring broodingly out of the window. The only problem with that is that you’ve already been doing just that for days now and you’ve have had enough of fires, hot chocolate and mooching.

Now you’re itching to do something different, so, you turn to the only comfort you have and switch on the TV. You’re instantly captivated by one of those numerous shows about how you can jazz up your home. You find yourself flooded with decorating ideas: ideas on both interior decor and exterior decor.

So, you finally find yourself captivated by a program that you would have dismissed earlier and jump out of your seat to fetch a pen and notebook to jot down all those great ideas. In no time at all, you’ve run out of pages in your notebook and have to leave your warm armchair to go get another one.

And before you get back to your armchair, you’ve made a quick tour around the house and have spotted many of the things that you’ve spent years trying to avoid – the cracks in the bedroom walls, the growing patch of mildew in the bathroom, the paint chipping off many of the skirtings.

The list is very long and could easily fill several notepads. Therefore, you sit down, and alongside your notes on various decorating ideas on interior design and general refurbishing, you studiously take down all the little things that need repairing, renewing or refitting.

The list naturally spans more than even your second notebook can hold but you decide to stop there, because it’s giving you writer’s cramp, besides you already have all the pertinent facts to hand, so now you set about sorting them out into directions that you can easily carry out.

No easy task that, when your decorating ideas, interior designs and room-by-room list of flaws is all jumbled up into one horrible pile. You then turn to the tried and true, age-old method of sitting on the floor and surrounding yourself with your notes in an attempt at finding some order.

When you finally reach that sublime state of orderliness, you sit back with a tired but satisfied smile on your face. The knowledge that you’ll now have enough decorating ideas and interior design plans and less time on your hands during those long hard months of winter, sends a rush of contentment running through you. There’s nothing like a job well done and the foreknowledge that come springtime, your home is going to look nothing like its former self.

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Dating Etiquette

April 8th, 2010

When you go on a date with someone there are certain things you should or should not do and certain ways you should behave. Of course you want the person to get to know you, so, first off, you oughtn’t attempt to be someone that you are not.

When you go out on a date you ought to look clean and dress nicely. This will show the other person, not only that you bother about your appearance, but that you also think about about what they think about you. After all, If you don’t care about what the other person thinks, then you probably oughtn’t to be going out on a date with them in the first place, should you?

This advice really depends on the person you are taking out. It applies more to a man dating a woman, obviously, but some women don’t like having doors opened for them either. You will have to play it by ear. I think that the best guidance I can give, is that you should remember to open the car doors and all doors for that matter (except the washroom door) for your date, unless you are told or you sense otherwise.

A lot of younger women might say they wouldn’t judge a man by his door-opening behavior, but I think it does form a beneficial part of the overall picture she will be building up of you. However, if the woman you are going out with is an obvious feminist, then you had better let her open the doors for herself – just let her get on with it or it might trouble her. She might also want to pay for her own meal, but that’s not a bad thing is it?

Make sure that you punctual. Be there when you say you will be there to pick her up and be ready to pay for the entire date. It might not come to that, she may buy a drink or two, but you can’t rely on it, so slip a credit card in your wallet too. Better safe than sorry and you don’t want to have walk home., would you?

So, that brings us conveniently to the next point, which is, don’t take your date somewhere you cannot pay for because you never want to find yourself asking your date for a loan to pay the bill, unless you don’t want to see her again.

Another part of dating etiquette also requires not making the other person feel as if they are at an interview. It is all too familiar for people on a date to ask too many questions because they want to get to know the other person quickly. However, how would you feel, if you were asked twenty questions between every course or drink? It is well-intentioned, but annoying. It is far better to have, say, five or six good, non-personal questions that you can discuss at more length.

If you push them too far, if you get too personal too quickly, you could scare them off. Just try to create a relaxing atmosphere by being considerate and yourself.

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Saving Money In The Sales

April 4th, 2010

Everyone loves to take advantage of the lower prices during the holiday sales. In fact, the best day to go shopping for special offers is the day after the actual holiday is over.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it is the busiest shopping day of the year. You will find enormous savings, but you will have to get up early, be ready to queue and jostle.

Another example is jewellery and St Valentine?s Day. Many men buy their wives or girlfriends jewellery during this period as a St Valentine?s Day present. However, in the weeks after St Valentine?s Day, you can save at least 30% on the very same pieces of jewellery that were being sold a week before. This is a clear sign that we are being hood-winked on these holiday occasions and that we ought to wait until the actual holiday is over.

OK, it may not be so romantic to wait, but it must be better to be able to get 30% more gold for your money or to give the same present, but be able to go for a meal too. If I were a woman, I know which alternative I would take!

Or, instead of a nice silver or gold ring, you would be able to pay for gold instead of silver or white gold instead of yellow. You could get a gorgeous Celtic knot or a Claddagh ring instead of a plain band.

Striking Easter clothing is also expensive before Easter. However, why not buy the items you want after Easter and either make use of them next year or use them for parties, special occasions or church? You can save a bundle of money in this way, just by using a little forward planning.

In order to help cut down on how much money you spend on Christmas presents, why not try buying them all year long as and when you find something nice in the sales? How many times have you come across something in a sale and said to yourself: ‘that would be the perfect present for so-and-so’? It is better to take advantage of these opportunities and keep the items aside for when the right event comes up.

Then there are those post Christmas sales too. The Boxing Day sales are a great opportunity to pick up items that you can give as presents later in the year. And why not buy something for yourself too while you are at it? You can save a fortune on your favourite scents. Buy enough to last you the rest of the year!

You can make your funds go a lot further if you take advantage of the post holiday sales. Rely on serendipity. Buy opportunistically and you will not only save yourself a lot of money, but you will never be stuck for a gift at the last minute either.

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Mardi Gras Cooking

April 4th, 2010

Mardi Gras is a special time of the year down in Cajun Country. Even if you don’t live around New Orleans you can still rejoice in some of the fun and revelry associated with Mardi Gras by throwing a grand old meal worthy of King Rex himself.

The trick about bringing Mardi Gras to the Midwest or wherever you may be, is to always have the mindset that makes Mardi Gras such fun and an enjoyable event for people from all over the world. If that doesn’t work a bowl or two of gumbo topped off with some Mardi Gras music should do the trick quite nicely.

Seriously though, part of the charm and intrigue of Mardi Gras and the city of New Orleans is the cuisine that has made this city almost as famous as its ability to party. If you are wondering what to cook to bring the spirit of Mardi Gras into your home, try any of the traditional favorites. If ingredients prove tricky to come by you might want to add a little rice, a little spice, and a lot of hot sauces to your favorite family meal.

Those who live in New Orleans often use rice to stretch the budget. Rice is filling and is cost effective. This makes rice a great basis of a meal for many of the families of New Orleans many of whom have been pretty poor traditionally.

Rice is used in all manner of dishes from gumbo to red beans and jambalaya and many dishes in between. It is probably the one staple of Cajun cooking that you will find everywhere you go.

Otherwise there are wide variances in cuisine according to cost and culture (although the more costly foods are typically considered Creole rather than Cajun. Sort of a city cousin – country cousin type relationship between the cuisines).

Spices are prevalent in these dishes for much the same reason that rice is. They have traditionally been an inexpensive method of seasoning dishes that would otherwise be quite insipid. Expect to find plenty of spices and some heat in most traditional Cajun dishes all over the city. Some restaurants that cater to tourists have somewhat watered down versions of local favorites.

If you want to try something with a little less fire, a po-boy or muffaletta might be what you are looking for. These sandwiches are more than a little deceiving in appearance because they are very filling. French fries are still a Cajun favorite, although we also have a popular dish called fried sweet potatoes.

You can find recipes for all of these online quite easily though you will probably have trouble finding the ideal bread for a po boy anywhere outside the Crescent City. There is a unique “chewiness” to the flawless po boy bread that may be copied in other places but not equaled anywhere in the country.

For the best finish to your Cajun cooking you should make a point of buying some chicory coffee. This is easily accomplished via the Cafe du Monde website if your local coffee shop doesn’t have any. Historically, chicory was added to coffee and often used instead of coffee because it was much cheaper.

This meant it could make the more expensive coffee beans go further and yet deliver a similar taste and texture with that hint of chicory. It’s a somewhat unique flavor and for many people is synonymous with the city itself.

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Designer Glass Paperweights

April 3rd, 2010

My friend has a shop that sells glass artwork. My personal favourite glass artwork is paperweights and I have a lot of fun attending art auctions and buying art glass with her. We pay a lot of attention to what our friends and her clients like and dislike.

I usually give people art glass paperweights that I find at art auctions for milestone birthdays and anniversaries. My mother turned seventy last August and I found a magnificent glass paperweight for her.

The art glass paperweight that I bought for my mother was made by Baccarat and I was extremely lucky that this was one of the last items auctioned. A lot of people had already left the auction when this item went under the hammer. My mother really liked the rose motif because the rose is her favourite flower.

I have a Dutch friend from Den Bosch who loves effigies of frogs. She has been able to decorate her abode very stylishly with her favourite frogs. I have been on the lookout for an art glass paperweight for her for years. I eventually found one at an art auction last year. The glass paperweight featured a frog sitting on a lily pad surrounded by blue water. It was very pretty and my friend started using it on her desk immediately.

I also have an aunt who collects art glass paperweights. She has asked me very often to find glass paperweights for her when I am attending art auctions. Of all of the pieces I have bought for her over the years, one sticks out in my memory more than any other.

The prettiest art glass paperweight I have ever bought at an art auction has to be one that featured a blue and gold Macaw. Rick Ayotte was the artist that made it and it was even featured in a book of his work. He has created many beautiful art glass paperweights.

There is no trouble at all selling art glass paperweights made by Rick Ayotte. His work seems to draw a great deal of interest. My friend tries to win any auction she finds for art glass paperweights made by him. She won one not so long ago that looked like pink roses. They looked so fragile and sweet. I know that this art glass paperweight will sell quickly.

There have been some inquiries at the shop for art glass paperweights by Richard Marquis, although we have not found any in any of the art auctions we have been to recently.

I will keep looking out for art glass paperweights at the auctions I attend, but I will not be going way out of my way to track them down. I now buy every art glass paperweight I can find that was made by Rick Satava. My favorite has to be the coral orange jellyfish that I found at an art auction an hour from my home. It was really beautiful.

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Low-Cost Wedding Favours

April 1st, 2010

If you are holding a large wedding, that is one with many guests, the cost of wedding favours can be quite considerable, if you do not set a strict budget. One immediate method you could use to cut the cost of your wedding favours is to give one to each couple or single, rather than one to everybody who comes. The first decision to make is how much can you afford in total and then divide that by the number of guests in total and then divide it by the number of couples and singles.

This system will make it simpler for you to decide what you are going to do: get for everybody; buy for couples and singles and save the rest for something else or give to couples and singles but get more elaborate gifts. If you still find that there is not a lot of money to go around, you will need to look for lower-priced wedding favours. I will give you a few thoughts below to get you started.

Candles can be very successful, low-cost wedding favours. If you buy in bulk, you can get some really lovely candles at very reasonable prices. You could get perfumed candles, maybe with the same smell as the bouquet the bride carried. You could also consider buying personalized ribbons to tie attractive bows around the candles and the ribbons could have your names and the wedding date on them.

Candy or chocolate is another kind of inexpensive wedding favour. There are many ways to go down this route. You can have the wrappers of popular candy bars custom-made; you could buy fairly expensive chocolate in bulk and wrap it up in a special way yourself or you could buy small boxes of gourmet chocolate.

Giving packets of flower or vegetable seeds is also an inexpensive way of giving a practical wedding favour. Again, you could give seed packets of the flowers in the bride’s bouquet. The seed packets could be wrapped or boxed with your own special logo, names and wedding date. You could give them in a pot or tray too in order to make it even easier to sow the seeds.

A pen or pen and pencil set is also a fairly economical way of giving wedding favours. These pens can also bear your wedding details such as names and date.

However, I am Welsh and so my favourite wedding favours are love spoons in miniature, say four inches long. Love spoons were given in Wales by a suitor to his beloved for hundreds of years and many love spoon carvers will make mini versions by hand for a small amount of money. These love spoon wedding favours can also be inscribed with the wedding details as they are typically made out of wood.

Another lovely touch is to insert a stamped, self addressed envelope to your wedding favour present, with a short note asking the recipient to get in touch with you soon, so that you do not let too much water go under the bridge.

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Golfing for Novices: Part Two

March 30th, 2010

What You Should Keep in your Golfing Bag.

There are many golf bags available; some are designed for fashion, some for utility and some that combine both features. There are big bags, bigger bags and bags so big that they would keep everything I need for a long week-end vacation in one of the side pockets!

A basic, practical golf bag is one just large enough to hold your clubs (obviously), spare golf balls, tees, golf glove, pencils, keys, sunblock cream, ball markers, a ball retriever, an umbrella and a plastic raincoat.

It is also recommended that you carry in your bag: some tissue paper, sticking plasters and, whether necessary or not, some insect repellant.

A small pack of baby wipes comes in very handy; in your bag they get warmed by the heat, so when you get sweaty or a sand trap covers you with sand, a nice warm wipe can be very refreshing.

I happen to be allergic to the stings of bees, hornets and wasps, so my Epipen is an important addition to my bag. I am also hypoglycemic so I carry Lifesavers, the packs of which have to be replaced several times throughout the year because they have a tendency to melt.

You should also switch off your mobile phone before stowing it away in one of your golf bag’s side pockets to prevent it from upsetting other players. You have to be considerate to you fellow players and mobile phones on a golf course are considered a nuisance as they are in restaurants.

If you have these items with you in your golf bag, you will be covered for most minor tribulations, like a bee sting, an ant bite, a blister or even a sudden downpour. If you know that you are well prepared, you will be able to relax that little bit more and enjoy your game that much more too.

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