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The aim of this website is to help users to learn the basics of web design in order to allow them to make simple changes to web pages to make their sites unique.

There are many tools and templates on the Internet that allow new comers to set up Web Pages with the minimum of amount of effort. However there comes a time when the site doesn't fully acheive your aims and our aim is to help you to change some of the settings so that your own individuality shows through.

To acheive this we have an email course on simple web design, including basic HTML, CSS3 and PHP to enable you to do just that,

If you are interested just add your Firstname and your email address to the right of this page. No cost involved.

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How would you like to have over 150 videos in your very own library.

To access when you wanted to and to learn all about running an Internet business?

The Internet is a wonderful place to find free training on a large selection of subjects but we have brought together in one place all the training videos that you will ever need to help you set up your on line web business.

Subjects such as:

1. Organising your PC to let you obtain a more efficient working environment.
2. How to use cPanel to get the best out of it.
3. WordPress Security and Speeding up Tips.
4. Basic HTML5 and CSS3 so you can edit your webpages and PLR content easily
5. Internet and Google Marketing
6. Graphics and Screencasting
7.Password Management
8. Paypal Solution
and lots more…

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